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Living-Learning Programs

Make the most of your by joining a . Living-Learning Programs provide students with the opportunity to thrive both in and out of the classroom in a learning environment that becomes home.

Students in the Thrive community

Explore Residential Colleges

Residential Colleges transform how students learn by connecting their academic and co-curricular experiences. Led by live-in Faculty Principals, residential colleges welcome students from any major and year and have strong models of self-governance to create an abiding sense of community among participants.

Explore Living-Learning Communities

Make the most of your 51╣┘═° Tech experience by joining a living-learning community. Benefits include:

  • First-year LLC students have higher GPAs than their non-LLC peers.
  • LLCs show fewer conduct referrals than non-LLC residence halls.
  • LLCs report higher rates of mentorship of students by faculty.